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The Project

Solar Cooking in Berlin

In 1992 the United Nations organised an international Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (also known as 'The Earth Summit') in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference was triggered by the concern that humanity has no future when we continue to burn such enormous quantities of non-renewable natural resources, such as coal, oil and gas.

At the close of the conference all local authorities worldwide were called upon to initiate a 'Local Agenda 21' in order to introduce a sustainable development in their respective countries. Within the next year the Berlin District Council of Köpenick adopted a plan for a Local Agenda 21, the first local authority in Germany to do so.







Up until 16.02.04 applications with a plan for a sustainable project (a project bringing ecological, social and economical benefits) could be made in Berlin to the Project Agency for a Sustainable Berlin. The Project Agency is based at the Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment and finances the projects with funds from the German Lottery Foundation Berlin.

The charitable organisation EG-Solar e.V. from Altötting (situated between Passau and Munich) generously donated 3 solar cookers (Type SK 14) to the Solar Cooking in Berlin Project. EG-Solar produces demonstrator models of solar cookers on a small scale, organizes solar cooker construction courses and has set up workshops in now over 30 southern countries, where solar cookers are manufactured..




We started the Solar Cooking in Berlin Project on the 6th of June 2004. On a dry sunny and cloudy day we presented our project with the SK 14 solar cooker to the visitors of the Berlin Environmental Festival. We had a sunny stand between Hotel Adlon and Pariser Platz in front of the Brandenburg Gate


Federal Minister for the Environment Jürgen Trittin
shows interest in Solar Cooking

Photo: Sylva Ullmann   


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