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The different types of solar cookers can be divided into three types: Parabolic cookers or Flat-panel cookers, Box cookers and Solar panel cookers, some of which have an integrated storage facility, so that they can be used for cooking even after the sun has gone down. There are also Fixed-Focus Solar cookers, where many parabolic mirrors reflect the sun's rays onto a distant focal point, so that canteen kitchens can be supplied with energy



Type SK 14 made from aluminium by EG-Solar e.V.

The parabolic solar cooker reflects the sun's rays into the centre focal point where a black cooking pot stands, absorbing the heat rays and cooking the contents of the pot. Due to the high temperatures of up to 200ºC at the focal point of heating, the parabolic solar cooker is especially suitable for cooking, baking, roasting and frying. The SK14 can be used to cook food for up to 20 people at a time. It is very simple to learn how to use the parabolic solar cooker - we have included the most important details on the "Solar Cooking" page.

The SK14 is very robust and has a long lifespan. If every second meal was prepared with the SK 14 instead of using firewood, the solar cooker would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 3 tonnes of per year. The SK 14 is produced on a small scale by EG-Solar e.V. both in their headquarters in Altötting, Germany, as well as in over 30 southern countries. Through this programme school pupils, young people and adults learn basic metalwork skills. In addition, jobs are created in production and assembly as well as in sales and training.







Industrially produced Parabolic Solar Cookers:

As a charitable organisation EG-Solar is unable to produce solar cookers on a mass scale. For this reason parabolic solar cookers have been manufactured on an industrial basis for some time now in Germany. The reflector panels are made from aluminium, the frame from steel. The K14 largely corresponds to the SK 14 from EG-Solar in shape, function and performance. With a diameter of 140 cm, the K 14 produces approx. 700 watts from direct solar radiation of 700 watt/m².

Under the same conditions it was found that the K 10, with a diameter of 100cm, produces approx. 400 watts. The K14 can boil 48 litres of water a day, the K10 boils 24 litres a day. The solar cooker kit weighs 19 kg (K14) or 10 kg (K10) and is delivered as a manageable parcel which includes the necessary tools and instructions for assembly and use in five languages. Every so often we organise construction workshops in Berlin.

The prices for the industrially manufactured solar cookers K 10 and K 14 are considerably lower if you participate in a larger order.

For further information please send an email to:


This flat-panel solar cooker was developed by Dr. Schälicke, Berlin. It offers an economical alternative to the parabolic cooker.

A further benefit is that the risk of dazzling is practically eliminated. However, this type has not as yet been produced on a mass scale.






Boxer Wood:

Solar Box Cooker made from wood. A detailed database of solar cookers can be found on the Links page.


Perfected Solar Box Cooker LAZOLA:

This reaches a temperature of up to 160ºC. It requires hardly any attention while cooking since it only requires rotating every few hours. The LAZOLA also works comparably well in cloudy weather.



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